Erlangen: Meet the German precision!

For our second pre-moot this season we visited the Friedrich-Alexander University located in Erlangen-Nüremberg. The decision was the easy one since German teams are considered to be among the best in the competition.  With our headquarters located in Nüremberg, we had to challenge the most difficult task right in the beginning. Odds were against us, however we manged to beat them by waking up early and only getting lost once on our way to the faculty of law in Erlangen. Advocating against the teams from Bayreuth, Erlangen, Göttingen and Passau, we gained more insight in the case and argumentation, as well as great feedback from arbitrators!  The mooting was, however, merely a part of the show. Day two was dedicated to sightseeing of Nüremberg, as we got some great recommendations from our new local friends. Thank you all for amazing experience!